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Full planning service from start to finish

Hedron provide full planning drawings as well as detailed structural engineering calculations. Planning permission deals with all work that is carried out externally to the original structure of the existing house. However, planning permission is not required for all house alterations as there are many renovations that are covered under ‘PD’ (Permitted Development rights).

For more information relating to loft conversions, extensions and any other PD building work visit the Government Planning Portal by clicking on the links below:

Planning Portal – Loft Conversion

Planning Portal – Interactive House

Planning Portal – Certificate of Law


Loft Conversion Permitted Development

​Not all properties are covered by permitted development. Properties not covered include those in heritage and conservation areas. Furthermore, some areas have had their permitted development rights removed by their local authority. For more information please call Hedron or alternatively, you can call your local council to clarify whether your loft extension will be certified under permitted development, or if you’ll need planning permission.

The statutory laws for permitted development, regarding loft extensions, are briefly set out below:


You cannot have any part of your dwelling exceed the height of the highest part of the existing roof. (The ridge Beam)

No part of your dwelling can, as a result of the works, exceed beyond the plane of any existing roof slope that fronts a highway (highways are an ill-defined term but include all public roads and most footpaths, bridleways and byways).

Your loft cannot expand your dwelling beyond 40 cubic meters in the case of a terraced house, or 50 cubic meters in any other case (e.g. semi-detached house).

If your planned loft conversion or house extension isn’t covered by permitted development, you will need to apply to the council for planning permission. Hedron will make all applications to your local council on your behalf. You will have to pay the current fee of £172.00 to the planning department of your local authority.


If your property does not require planning permission, we advise that the proprietor applies for a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC).

An LDC is not mandatory, however it demonstrates that any works being carried out on the property conform within the lawful boundaries and thus comply with building regulations. A Lawful Development Certificate is also beneficial if you should decide to sell your property.


If you should desire an LDC document, Hedron are happy to make all the appropriate applications to your local council on your behalf. The current submission fee for an LDC is £86.00

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